Videoscope X55100

Adrolook Model No ADRO-X55100

The ADRO-X55100 is a very convenience handheld inspection technoscope. It is simpler and more facile user interface than other inspection device, but it is practical and powerful. Zoom in and out, strong Battery and a high resolution Color LCD are the main feature. For everybody who not need to take pictures and videos. 


3.5” Color LCD Display 720x480 pixel
Support Lens Zoom in/out
Support reflected lens tube allows user to capture positive images when attached a mirror.
With 16 operation languages software
Working temperature -20° to 60° (Celsius)
Power charger indication Light
Portable battery design allow user to changing battery at any time.
Illumination LED light adjustable


Videoscope Adrolook X55100 funcion

Technical Details

Diameter (Cable) 4/4,2/5,5/5,8/8/10mm
Ingress Protection IP 57
Lightning 10mm Probe 6 white LED (850 Lux/8cm)
Lightning 4/5,5mm Probe 4 white LED (275 Lux/1,5-4cm)
Image Sensor CMOS
Working lengths 1/2/3/5/10/20/30 Meter available
White Balance fix
Resolution 720x480
Exposure automatic
Direction of vision
Field of view 67°
Depth of Field (DOF) 1cm-8cm depends on Cable
Waterproof (Probe) yes
Interface DC In
Battery 3,7V Li-Ionen-rechargeable
Language 16 Different Language
working time 4 hours

Our Kits Includes

-Video endoscope
--LI-Ionen Battery
-Power Charger 220V/110 V
-Cleaning Tool

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