Adrolook TV-Scope

Adrolook Model No ADRO-TV-Scope

The Adrolook TV-Scope is directly connected to a monitor / screen / TV. The probe cable and the lighting
is supplied by a power supply. Cost-effective solution for visual inspection like material testing etc. Other
diameters and exploratory cable lengths on request


  • high resolution Camera 720x480 pixel
  • -illumination LED-light adjustable
  • -low cost system

Technical Details

Diameter (Cable) 5,5mm
Lightning 5,5mm Cable 4 white LED (275 Lux/1,5-4cm)
Image Sensor CMOS
Working lengths 1 Meter
White Balance fix
Resolution 720x480
Exposure automatic
Frame Rate 30 fps
Direction of vision
Field of view 67°
Depth of Field (DOF) 1,5-5cm
Waterproof (Probe) yes
Interface TV out/DC in

Our Kits Includes

-Video endoscope
-Probe 5,5x1000mm flexible
-TV Cable
-Power Supply